37 – Gelberg Signs and Social Rise

A sign for your business is more than simply a bigger version of your logo. The right sign can define and grow your business. Interested in getting a new sign, or refreshing the look of your existing signage? Gelberg has been creating and manufacturing signs in the DC area for over 75 years. Diane Gerber from Gelberg Signs joins us to talk about what makes a good sign, and what mistakes to avoid when designing your brick & mortar signage. Then Philip calls in with the Good Food Markets fresh update – lots of local produce is starting to show up, and even more good market news is on the horizon! Then we’re joined by Kushaan Shah, the founder and Volunteer-in-chief of Social Rise. Social Rise is a nonprofit organization that aims to bridge the digital divide through social media inclusion for underserved communities, including small businesses that may be struggling to adapt to social media as a means of reaching customers. Kushaan shares some great tips for choosing the best social media platform for your business.