94 – Holiday Marketing for Small Businesses

Aaron DeNu starts off the episode with #DeNews; then we chat with Casey from Good Food Markets. Kyle and Michelle talk about marketing tips for small businesses to make the most of the holiday shopping season. Spoiler alert: It’s never too early, OR too late to start. Tune in to learn how your business can benefit from all of the tools available to make your cash register ring.

92 – Business Contest – National Cherry Blossom Festival

We’re only starting to feel fall & winter, but the team from the National Cherry Blossom Festival is already in planning mode for the spring! Krystle Fleetwood and Nicole Wright join us to talk about a decorating contest for businesses throughout DC, to celebrate the festival. Tune in for more information!

91 – Chef Jonathan Bardzik

#DeNews starts us off with the history of Queens Chapel – the first Catholic church in DC. Casey from Good Food Markets (http://goodfoodmarkets.com) fills us in on the the new fall offerings in the prepared food case, with great seasonal flavors like butternut risotto. Then to keep on with the good eating theme, we’re joined by Ward 5 neighbor Jonathan Bardzik (http://www.jonathanbardzik.com). Jonathan is the author of 3 published cookbooks, he is a storyteller supreme, and regularly cooks and entertains at farmers markets across the region. Listen now to learn more!