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Each week, Rhode Island Avenue Radio hosts Michelle Yancey and Kyle Todd sit down to visit with area business owners, city leaders, small business training experts, and the visionaries that help our local commercial corridors grow and thrive. Tune in to learn about Rhode Island Avenue NE Main Street’s new businesses; learn about some of the not-so-secret business gems of the community; and get behind-the-scenes stories about innovative business ideas happening right here in our neighborhood.

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  • 72 - Rhode Island Row Farmers Market + Hilltop Microfinance Initiative
    The Rhode Island Row Farmers Market (https://www.facebook.com/FoodworksRIR/) is all set to kick off on Saturday, May 13, from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. We're joined by Nick Staveley of Community Foodworks (http://www.community-foodworks.org/), the organization behind the market. Nick stops by to talk about what will be new at the market this year, including discounts and great new market vendors. Casey calls in with the Good Food Markets update (http://www.goodfoodmarkets.com/). Then we are joined by Derek Nelson, the CEO of The HIlltop Microfinance Initiative (http://hilltopmfi.org/en/home/). HMFI is a nonprofit that provides low interest micro loans of $500 - $10,000 to small businesses growing in the DC area. Derek talks about how HMFI works, and the many programs they have available to assist small businesses. Listen now for all the details! Read more »
  • 71 - SB Works + Master PR Basics
    John Mains from SB Works drops by to talk about some very special programming they have lined up for National Small Business Week, April 30 - May 6. Casey calls in with the Market Report from Good Food Markets, and then we have a fantastic chat with Ward 5 neighbor Leslie Green from Master PR Basics. Leslie has a great PR 101 webinar, plus now a new PR 101 ebook, chock full of great ways to help your business stand out from the crowd. Listen now, and share with all your favorite small business owners! Read more »
  • 70 - Insperity
    We're joined by Renee Hicks of www.Insperity.com to talk about HR solutions for small and growing businesses. Want to offer your employees a high level of benefits, but don't think your business has the financial capacity? Think again - Insperity just might be the solution you need. Plus, Casey calls in with the Market Report from Good Food Markets, and spring produce is here! Read more »
  • 69- Dept. of Small & Local Business Development
    On this special episode, Kyle is joined by Cristina Amoruso and Lauren Adkins of the Dept. of Small & Local Business Development. Cristina and Lauren are the program managers for the DC Main Streets program, so of course we're talking about all things Main Street! Plus, Casey calls in for the market report from Good Food Markets. Read more »
  • 68 - Dept. of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs
    The Dept. of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs is one of the many agencies that small businesses must work with through all stages of their business growth. From building and occupancy permits, to professional licensing, to corporate registration, DCRA is a large and sometimes complicated agency. Claudia Herrera joins us to talk about many of the resources available to help small businesses navigate the DCRA process, as well as some tips on how to stay in compliance and keep your business growing. Casey from Good Food Markets calls in with the Market Report - we can't wait for some of the new products! Read more »
  • 67 - DC Office of Tax & Revenue and The Bakers Lounge
    William Bowie from the DC Office of Tax and Revenue joins us to talk about some very important steps and concerns for small businesses in the District. Your rights and responsibilities are the topic! Then we get an update from Catherine at The Bakers Lounge - good news! They are opening for lunch now! Casey from Good Food Markets gives us the market report, and it's all good news. Tune in now! Read more »
  • 66 - Chief Image Builder and Art Enables
    Stacey Brown of Chief Image Builder stops by to talk about the importance of your small business brand, and it goes far beyond just your business logo. Next, Tony Brunswick of Art Enables stops by to share some updates - in addition to all the great programming, the Art Enables building is getting a facelift! And of course, we hear from Casey at Good Food Markets for an update on the fresh foods headed your way. Read more »
  • 65 - BaxBridge Digital
    We are once again joined by Tiffany Bridge of BaxBridge Digital. Today Tiffany is talking about the importance of digital "local mapping" of your business. This critical part of your web presence makes all the difference in how easy it is for your customers to find your location! Casey from Good Food Markets calls in with the market update, and of course, it's all delicious! Listen now for the full story. Read more »
  • 64 - Material World Boutique
    There's a new place to shop on RIA Main Street! Tiana Michelle has grown her very successful online boutique to her first brick & mortar location: Material World Boutique, located at 2121 Rhode Island Ave NE. She's got everything from casual wear to ball gowns, and many one-of-a-kind styles. Then we visit with Casey from Good Food Markets for updates on the latest new and delicious products. Tune in for more! Read more »
  • 63 - Eric B. - Mural Artist
    Eric B. comes in to share his creative vision behind the vibrant and beautiful new mural located on the side of the building at 1613 Rhode Island Ave NE. The work was done as part of the DC Department of Public Works' effort to curb "tagging" vandalism. And Philip calls in to give a Good Food Markets update for all the new products coming in to the store. Tune in to listen to the full story. Read more »

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