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Each week, Rhode Island Avenue Radio hosts Michelle Yancey and Kyle Todd sit down to visit with area business owners, city leaders, small business training experts, and the visionaries that help our local commercial corridors grow and thrive. Tune in to learn about Rhode Island Avenue NE Main Street’s new businesses; learn about some of the not-so-secret business gems of the community; and get behind-the-scenes stories about innovative business ideas happening right here in our neighborhood.

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  • 95 - Councilmember David Grosso
    We start off with another episode of #DeNews from neighbor Aaron DeNu. Then we welcome At-Large Councilmember and neighborhood resident, David Grosso to the show. Councilmember Grosso talks about his work around education and community growth, and how that impacts workforce development. Visit our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/RIARadio )to watch a video of the interview! Read more »
  • 94 - Holiday Marketing for Small Businesses
    Aaron DeNu starts off the episode with #DeNews; then we chat with Casey from Good Food Markets. Kyle and Michelle talk about marketing tips for small businesses to make the most of the holiday shopping season. Spoiler alert: It's never too early, OR too late to start. Tune in to learn how your business can benefit from all of the tools available to make your cash register ring. Read more »
  • 93 - Holiday Events Announcements
    No guests this week because there's so much news to share! It's the Holiday Season, and special events are happening everywhere. Take a listen and get your calendar planning in order! Read more »
  • 92 - Business Contest - National Cherry Blossom Festival
    We're only starting to feel fall & winter, but the team from the National Cherry Blossom Festival is already in planning mode for the spring! Krystle Fleetwood and Nicole Wright join us to talk about a decorating contest for businesses throughout DC, to celebrate the festival. Tune in for more information! Read more »
  • 91 - Chef Jonathan Bardzik
    #DeNews starts us off with the history of Queens Chapel - the first Catholic church in DC. Casey from Good Food Markets (http://goodfoodmarkets.com) fills us in on the the new fall offerings in the prepared food case, with great seasonal flavors like butternut risotto. Then to keep on with the good eating theme, we're joined by Ward 5 neighbor Jonathan Bardzik (http://www.jonathanbardzik.com). Jonathan is the author of 3 published cookbooks, he is a storyteller supreme, and regularly cooks and entertains at farmers markets across the region. Listen now to learn more! Read more »
  • 90 - SB Works Small Business Challenge Grant & Medstar Washington Hospital
    We're back! We start off the episode with #DeNews from neighbor and historian Aaron Denu. The topic: music legend and Ward 5 resident Pearl Bailey! Then we visit with Jasmine Childs and Patricia Coulthurst from Medstar Washington Hospital Center's Cancer Institute (https://www.medstarwashington.org). The Institute has embarked on awareness campaign in Ward 5 to raise awareness of colorectal cancer, including prevention screening and education. Next, we visit with Casey from Good Food Markets (http://www.goodfoodmarkets.com/) about all the wonderful fall produce. John Mains from SB Works (http://sbworksdc.org/) stops by to tell us about the new Small Business Challenge grant they have available to help you start or grow your DC-based business. Tune in now to listen! Read more »
  • 89 - DC State Fair
    It's that time again! The DC Stage Fair is back, and organizer Kish Rusek stops by the studio to talk about the events, the contests, and all the fun for the day (https://dcstatefair.org/). We also catch up with Casey from Good Food Markets for all the latest news and produce. (http://www.goodfoodmarkets.com/) Read more »
  • 88 - DC Bar & Latino Economic Development Center
    #DeNews kicks us off with a story about Philip Reid - a slave that worked on the Statue of Freedom that adorns the top of the Capitol Building. Then we welcome Marla Bilonik, Executive Director of the Latino Economic Development Center (http://www.ledcmetro.org), and Darryl Maxwell, of the DC Bar Pro Bono Legal Program (http://www.dcbar.org/for-the-public/help-for-small-businesses/) for small businesses. Together, these organizations provide a wealth of services for small business owners in all stages of growth. And of course we check in with Casey from Good Food Markets (http://www.goodfoodmarkets.com/) to hear all about what's new at the market this week. Listen now! Read more »
  • 87 - Dance Place & Seniors Food Delivery from Good Food Markets
    We start off the hour with #DeNews - and it's kind of a spooky story! Next, Amanda Blythe from Dance Place visits with us about this amazing community institution. Last but not least, we're joined by Philip Sambol from Good Food Markets, and he fills us in on their Senior Delivery Program. Tune in now for all the details. Read more »
  • 86 - Victory Dance Creative & "DeNews"
    We're testing out a new segment for RIA Radio: DeNews! Community member and historian Aaron DeNu gives 3-minute snippets of history that happened right here in Ward 5. He also performs DeNews at Open Mic Night at The Public Option on Thursday evenings! Casey from Good Food Markets calls in to talk about the new things happening at the market - think fall flavors! Then we chat with Anthony Dihle, the creative mind behind Victory Dance Creative. Based in Edgewood, Anthony creates a variety of graphic design products, including the popular DC Neighborhood Poster Project. He'll have lots to choose from at Fall Fest, so stop by and see his work. Listen now to learn more! Read more »

You can also listen to every episode on the BLIS.FM website, be sure to check out the latest episode every Tuesday.

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