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Each week, Rhode Island Avenue Radio hosts Michelle Yancey and Kyle Todd sit down to visit with area business owners, city leaders, small business training experts, and the visionaries that help our local commercial corridors grow and thrive. Tune in to learn about Rhode Island Avenue NE Main Street’s new businesses; learn about some of the not-so-secret business gems of the community; and get behind-the-scenes stories about innovative business ideas happening right here in our neighborhood.

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  • 100 - Brookland Bridge & Lord of the Pies
    It's our 100th episode! We are celebrating by interviewing some fantastic guests, and also by giving away presents! We start off the episode with #DeNews from neighbor Aaron DeNu. What RIA Main Street history lesson would be complete without a mention of Bo Diddley? That's right... he lived right here in the neighborhood! Then we chat with Shani, the neighborhood blogger behind Brookland Bridge. Shani does an amazing job of rounding up the news and updates that folks throughout Ward 5 look forward to reading. Casey from Good Food Markets calls in with the market update - and yes, they will have flowers for Valentine's Day! Next up: we've talked about his delicious products before, but today we get to talk directly to David Knowles, creator and baker extraordinaire of Lord of the Pies. Talk about a sweet success story! Listen now for the great discussion AND for details on how to win some fun RIA Radio prizes. Read more »
  • 99 - Capital Candy Jar
    There's nothing more gratifying that watching a creative business vision come to life... Except perhaps to watch that same business grow and thrive! In this episode, we visit with David Burton, owner and creative visionary behind Capital Candy Jar - http://www.thecapitalcandyjar.com/ . Dave has recently grown from working out of Union Kitchen to his very own brick and mortar location at 201 15th St. NE. Listen now to hear Dave talk about his delicious confections - and more importantly, where to find them! Read more »
  • Show #98 - WACIF & Resilient DC
    Stephanie Thomas is the new Director of Programs and Small Business Services at the Washington Area Community Investment Fund (WACIF), and she stops by to chat about some of the new programs that they are rolling out to help support and grow small businesses in DC. As always, we check in with Casey from Good Food Markets - they are celebrating their 3 year anniversary of being on RIA Main Street! Then we are joined by Kevin Bush, DC's Chief Resiliency Officer. Kevin visits with us about this new program in DC, and how his team is working to make sure that DC can weather any nature of setback that could disrupt our local economy. Tune in to learn more! Read more »
  • 97 - BYO Cocktail & Fitness Snob
    Neighbor Aaron DeNu kicks us off with another segment of #DeNew - this time about some of the interesting topography of Langdon Park. Next, we are joined by Shayla Hamlin and Amanda Sussex, the creative minds behind the delicious pre-made BYO Cocktails, mixed right here in Ward 5 at Mess Hall. Then one of the newest businesses to join the corridor stops by: Owner Kim Moore of Fitness Snob talks about her vision for boutique fitness on RIA Main Street. Read more »
  • 96 - Councilmember Brandon Todd
    Restaurants, movie theaters, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues constitute what could be deemed the "after hours" industry. Despite being a critical part of a thriving economy, many of these entrepreneurs face unique challenges in wading through the regulatory network of business licensing within the District of Columbia. Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd joins us to talk about his proposed legislation to create a special office to assist these businesses. We also chat with Casey from Good Food Markets, to get caught up on some great natural remedies for the cold & flu season. Tune in now to listen! Read more »
  • 95 - Councilmember David Grosso
    We start off with another episode of #DeNews from neighbor Aaron DeNu. Then we welcome At-Large Councilmember and neighborhood resident, David Grosso to the show. Councilmember Grosso talks about his work around education and community growth, and how that impacts workforce development. Visit our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/RIARadio )to watch a video of the interview! Read more »
  • 94 - Holiday Marketing for Small Businesses
    Aaron DeNu starts off the episode with #DeNews; then we chat with Casey from Good Food Markets. Kyle and Michelle talk about marketing tips for small businesses to make the most of the holiday shopping season. Spoiler alert: It's never too early, OR too late to start. Tune in to learn how your business can benefit from all of the tools available to make your cash register ring. Read more »
  • 93 - Holiday Events Announcements
    No guests this week because there's so much news to share! It's the Holiday Season, and special events are happening everywhere. Take a listen and get your calendar planning in order! Read more »
  • 92 - Business Contest - National Cherry Blossom Festival
    We're only starting to feel fall & winter, but the team from the National Cherry Blossom Festival is already in planning mode for the spring! Krystle Fleetwood and Nicole Wright join us to talk about a decorating contest for businesses throughout DC, to celebrate the festival. Tune in for more information! Read more »
  • 91 - Chef Jonathan Bardzik
    #DeNews starts us off with the history of Queens Chapel - the first Catholic church in DC. Casey from Good Food Markets (http://goodfoodmarkets.com) fills us in on the the new fall offerings in the prepared food case, with great seasonal flavors like butternut risotto. Then to keep on with the good eating theme, we're joined by Ward 5 neighbor Jonathan Bardzik (http://www.jonathanbardzik.com). Jonathan is the author of 3 published cookbooks, he is a storyteller supreme, and regularly cooks and entertains at farmers markets across the region. Listen now to learn more! Read more »

You can also listen to every episode on the BLIS.FM website, be sure to check out the latest episode every Tuesday.

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